Dallas heavyweights: DeSoto vs Cedar Hill

DeSoto Eagles vs. the Cedar Hill Longhorns

*Texas state ranking: #1 Cedar Hill v #9 DeSoto.  There were at least 12 D1 recruits on the field Friday night and considering how many of them were skill position players, one would of assumed this match up was going to be fast-paced highlight reel, but unfortunately the refs stole the show (and the momentum).



Granted, I only listened on the radio and didn’t get a chance to see the game, but it felt as though yellow flags were being tossed around like confetti the whole night.  The calls inside the 5 yard line against Cedar Hill were by far the most frustrating and a number of these calls were 15 yard personal fouls for trash talking – forcing the Longhorns to settle for field goals. 

Swearing shouldn’t cost a team 15 yards unless it was part of a death threat.  I’m not encouraging crass language, I’m just acknowledging boys will be boys – which means sometimes they’re going to say unspeakably offensive things to each other. 

There was 216 yards of penalties called in the game 

The refs low point was in the 2nd quarter, when they said it was 4th down when it was actually 3rd and there was no clear justification for that kind of confusion. It took what felt like 5 minutes for the officiating crew to finally conclude it was actually 3rd down and once again this gaff occurred when Cedar Hill was marching towards another would-be touchdown.

Overall, the refs were quick to throw flags on both teams, but the timing of the calls against the Longhorns almost seemed malicious.  Even the legitimate calls in the red zone against DeSoto’s defense were intentional pass interferences designed to keep the ball out of Charleston Rambo’s hands.  

Cedar Hill 4 star receivers Oklahoma commit Charleston Rambo (left) and Texas A&M commit Camron Buckley (right)

Rambo was flagrantly fouled multiple times in his attempts to secure crucial touchdowns. You can’t blame the refs for DeSoto’s defensive game plan against the 4 star receiver, but it reminded me of hack-a-shaq, which ruins the game for the fans.  

With all that being said, Cedar Hill’s D just couldn’t keep up with the Eagles fast paced offense.  DeSoto’s playmaker KD Nixon only needed 3 touches to rack up 111 yards and 2 TDs while duel-threat QB Shawn Robinson gave TCU fans a preview of things to come with his 355 total yards and 3 TDs.

DeSoto’s star RB/WR K.D. Nixon has over 20 scholarship offers, but remains uncommitted.

There’s no question DeSoto earned the win,  it’s just unfortunate the referees played as big of a role in the game as the blue chip recruits everyone came out to see.  I can only imagine how frustrating it must of been for the 10,000 fans in attendance. 

*Texas state ranking were according to MaxPreps

 Featured image: By Joshmartini (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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