Not your average savage

Cleveland Reed hails from Fort Meade, FL and he’s one of the best offensive lineman in the class of 2018.  


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Highlights from my interview with the 4 star recruit:

Q: When it comes to football, who’s your biggest influence?

A: “My biggest influence when it comes to football is my little brother who died a couple years back.  He was going through so much and he loved football so I put it in my mind I was going to play for him.  He couldn’t play with the other little kids because he had a breathing problem so he would always watch and he was always sick but no matter what he still smiled so that’s who influences me the most.” 

This first question became the focal point of our conversation because of how influential family is to him.  We touched down on a few different subjects, but Cleveland revisited this topic and made sure to mention he also has “older male cousins in my life who push me to be the best.”  

Cleveland’s father passed away when he was 9 and his mom had to raise her four children as a single mother.  He went on to describe her as a “strong woman” and said, “I just want to make my mom proud.”

Cleveland and his mom on one of his visits to FSU

Q: Who’s your favorite football player of all-time?

A: Ray Lewis

Q: If you could play for any NFL team, which team would it be?

A: Miami Dolphins

I started to make assumptions that he was leaning in favor of going to The University of Miami, but Reed remained a man of mystery responding,  “I’m riding this thing all the way to signing day” and pointing out “I love Alabama swagger and Ohio State”, thus throwing me off the scent of which team he’ll eventually play for in college.

If you take the time to watch his videos on Hudl, you’ll see why this junior in high school has already garnered the attention of Urban Meyer.  According to 247 Sports he’s received up to 10 offers already and it’s safe to say those are only the first of many.  It’s scary to think Cleveland has two more seasons of high school football to develop into an even bigger, more dominating force on the line.

It’s also important to point out that coming out of Florida gives him a profound advantage over the rest of the class of 2018.  A significant percentage of the best high school football players come from Ohio, Texas, California and Florida.  Those four states are known for having the best coaching, teams and stadiums.  

No matter where Cleveland was raised he was going to be 6’4” 300 lbs and naturally athletic, but being raised in Florida makes him accustomed to a higher level of competition.  I think that’s what makes scouts so optimistic about him.  

We wish him the best of luck this season and you can stay in the loop with Cleveland Reed by following him on Twitter @55clevelandreed

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