Bishop Gorman: The house always wins

Friday night lights in the desert


#1 Bishop Gorman Gaels hale from Las Vegas, NV and they technically won the national championship last Friday night when they beat St. Thomas Aquinas in triple overtime 25-24. It was one of the best games you’ll see at any level this year.

Running back, Biaggio Ali Walsh did the honors with the game winning score on a 2 point conversion and considering who Biaggio spends his time with it’s no surprise he’s already at the top of his field.

Biaggio (Left) with Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown (Right)
Biaggio (Left) hanging out with Snoop Dogg (Right)

After the game Senior Quarterback Tate Martell reminded a reporter they’re 17-0 against nationally ranked opponents.  He remained humble, yet shocked by how much he and his teammates have achieved in the past few years.  

Screenshot 2016-10-06 at 1.06.21 PM - Edited.png

Tate is a hard commit to Ohio State, but he’s just one of many top tier recruits that played in the game Friday night.  In fact, Tate was playing against his future Buckeye teammate/target, wide receiver Trevon Grimes – who played great until injuring his leg and was taken out of the game.

With Tate at the helm Bishop Gorman’s balanced attack has racked up 2183 yards in 6 games.


Bishop Gorman opened the season with a victory over the Cedar Hill Longhorns, a nationally ranked, out-of-state opponent from outside Dallas, TX.  Then they went on to beat a top 10 team with their overtime win against St. Thomas Aquinas, another out-of-state team from Florida.  

The best teams in the country fly in to try their luck in Vegas, but the house always wins!  Now all they have to do is win their in state schedule,  which shouldn’t be hard for a team that hasn’t lost to an in-state opponent since 2007.


 The images used in this article are from social media accounts; twitter, instagram and/or facebook.  The author and owner of personally contacted them on twitter to get permission.  If any player has changed their mind about allowing their images used on this site please email or on twitter @FBGazette 

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