Thursdays are the new Saturdays in Houston

Teams in the American Athletic Conference don’t get much coverage on Saturdays, but that won’t stop Tom Herman’s Houston Cougars from taking over college football one Thursday night at a time.

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Having a schedule with three Thursday night games makes Houston football a mid-week featured presentation for casual fans across the country and since they aren’t lost in the plethora of games on Saturday – they can stand at center stage while stating their case for why they deserve a playoff spot.

Tom Herman is doing a great job at building a brand for his team and the mainstream sports media is finally taking notice. On Thursday night, ESPN started doing more detailed segments on Tom Herman by highlighting the nuances of his unorthodox coaching style like how he kissing his players before games and personally makes sure they’re in bed early, but none of those details would of been brought up if he wasn’t undefeated. 

Houston finished last season by beating #9 FSU and kicked off the current season by beating #3 Oklahoma – two big wins that come with even bigger expectations.  They have zero room for error and will have to win every game until that final Thursday night showdown against the Heisman Trophy favorite Lamar Jackson and his Louisville Cardinals.  Make no mistake about it – this will be one of the most highly anticipated match ups of the season if both teams are still undefeated when they meet in Houston on November 17th.  


Since the epoch of Texas football, the state has designated Friday nights for high school, Saturdays for college and Sundays for the NFL, but in Houston it’s all about Thursday.  

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