Two Eagles perch on top in Texas


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rankings according to maxpreps

The DeSoto Eagles and Allen Eagles are the two top teams in Texas.  Here’s how they match-up.

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When I asked the Allen Eagles junior running back Brock Sturges which team was better he humbly responded

“both are great teams and two great programs and here at Allen we try not focus on that we just control what we can control and everything will fall into place we don’t get caught up in who’s the better team we just play our game.”

They must be doing something right in Allen because Brock came across as very mature and wouldn’t fall into the trap of bragging about their undefeated season.

Brock and a friend looking cool posing in front of a car

You can follow Brock on Twitter @brocksturges15

Both teams have impressive backfields, but DeSoto seems a bit stronger in my opinion. HB/WR KD Nixon was clocked in running upwards to 25 mph according to a speed gun reading last month.  So far this season KD has racked up over 500 total yards and 5 touchdowns.

KD Nixon has been clocked in running upwards to 25 mph in a game

KD’s stats after 5 games

Screenshot 2016-10-06 at 3.47.36 AM - Edited.pngScreenshot 2016-10-06 at 3.48.32 AM - Edited.png

You can follow KD Nixon on Twitter @K1Nixon

 Stats according to

DeSoto’s QB, Shawn Robinson is a hard commit to TCU and since he plays on such a high level he earned the nickname Purple Reign. Untitled spreadsheet - Edited.jpgPurple Reign Robinson leads his team in both passing and rushing with an astounding 1576 total yards and 20 touchdownsimage-5-editedimage-6-edited

You can follow Purple Reign Robinson on Twitter @Dshawn_12era

 One of the hogmollies that keeps Shawn safe is offensive guard and LSU commit Edward Ingram.


Edward was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule for a quick 3 question interview with us.  

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “Even Washington, a DeSoto/LSU alum.  He mentored the O-line last year and shared a lot of his knowledge. Just the fact that he came from my high school (DeSoto) and went to the college I’m going to (LSU) is awesome.”

Q: If you could play for any NFL team, which one would you play for?

A: Baltimore Ravens

Q: Could your DeSoto Eagles team beat Bishop Gorman?

A: “We take the season one game at a time so I’ve never really thought about Bishop Gorman before, but we have some of the best coaches and players in the entire country so I know it would be a hard fought battle no matter what.”

You can follow Big Ed on Twitter @EdwardThomasIn1

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