Mansfield Tigers too much for Vikings

Friday night lights in Mansfield

Arlington Lamar tied Kennedy Brooks on Friday night 21 – 21.  Unfortunately for them, they weren’t just playing against the Mansfield running back – they also had to play against the rest of his team, resulting in the final score 35 -21.  

In addition to Kennedy’s three touchdowns, he also had 299 yards rushing and averaged 8.7 yards per attempt.  His game against Arlington Lamar is just one of many awe-inspiring performances this year and it’s scary to say it, but 299 yds, 3 TDs is regular Friday night for Brooks.  

Bob Stoops is one lucky coach to have a commitment from this man

As it stands right now Brooks is a 4 star recruit, but perhaps it’s time for an upgrade and here’s why.

  • He scored 5 touchdowns against a Nationally ranked team (Cedar Hill)  
  • Averages 10 yards per carry in one of the most competitive parts of the country to play high school football
  • Averages over 3 touchdowns per game
  • Averages 10 yards per carry
  • He’s rushed for over 1,800 yards in just 7 games

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Kennedy as well as Charleston Rambo for an article I’m writing on the Sooner class of 2017 (it should be out this week) and he doesn’t come across as the type of person that cares about ratings, but I just wanted to have go on the record by saying he deserves an upgrade.

I look forward to seeing Kennedy play at the next level and in the meantime you can stay in touch with all things Kennedy Brooks by following him on Twitter @offenseofmind

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