3 Reasons why the Tigers will maul the Noles


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Reason number one: We beat the team that crushed you

Clemson beat Louisville – the same Louisville squad that beat Florida State 63-20.  And then FSU lost to UNC.  Week 3 and week 5 ruined the season for the Seminoles and the only two teams they’ve beat comfortably is Charleston Southern and USF.


Reason number two: Undefeated means consistent

Clemson is 7-0 and Deshaun is always on, but the same can’t be said about the Noles.  The Tigers have risen to the occasion every week and beat Auburn as well as Louisville – they ain’t stopping now.  Being undefeated this late in the season requires a certain level on consistency that Florida State just plain lacks.  


Reason number three: Early, unaswered touchdowns can kill home field advantage

Clemson rolls deep on the road and packs as many Tiger fans as possible into enemy territory.  If Clemson puts up early, unanswered points the Tiger fans have the ability to snatch the home field advantage right out of Tallahassee’s hands.  It will sound more like a neutral site than Doak Campbell Stadium, believe me.

Outcome: Clemson 37 vs Florida State 34     

FBG prediction was mostly right.  Clemson won and stayed undefeated, but Noles maintained home-field advantage until the end of the game, so the prediction score as 2 out of 3.  

The key to stealing home field advantage is making the fans sad early in the game and giving them no reason for hope.  Deshaun & Co weren’t able to do that, but that’s okay because they still won a tough road game. And we love Clemson because their head coach has a funny name, Dabo.     

Images courtesy of By Clemson University Uploaded by Zscout370 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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