Clemson commits are perfect fits

Clemson, SC — Dabo’s #WE2DEEP17 is looking so scary they might be better than this season’s squad in a few years.  Clemson’s recruiting class of 2017 will have opponents covered from every angle.  So much so, coaches in the ACC will want to put the National Guard on speed dial just to feel safe.

My personal favorite is Tee Higgins because , who needs a 2-minute drill when you can just Tee-off with a long bomb to the 6’5” Randy Moss-like talent when you’re in need of a quick 6 points.  Tee and all the others that make up #WE2DEEP17 are going to be a joy to watch and we got to interview a lot of them. 

The passing game

Hunter to Higgins could be a deadly combination

Clemson fan’s were already excited about landing the #1 QB in the country, Hunter Johnson. But now it’s time to meet the latest major commitment –  wide receiver, Tee Higgins.

Ch8h_AxWkAAwNOy - Edited (1).jpg

Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN

School: Oak Ridge High

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 192 lbs

Rating: 4 Star

Pictured below is Tee Higgins with his family visiting Clemson


Higgins definitely chose the right school considering who his future quarterback is going to be. Hunter Johnson is a pro-style quarterback that will be able to get the ball down field to the big guy so he’ll have all the right tools around him to succeed.  Big play are inevitably going to happen when these two take the field.

Hunter to Higgins has a ring to it.  I can see Clemson fans already getting excited about this dynamic duo.  At 6’5” – Tee is clearly going to be key to Hunter’s deep ball.  

You can see them both pictured below on an official visit to Clemson

Tee Higgins (left) Hunter Johnson (Right)

Both Tee and Hunter are quite tall, so seeing each other from 30 or 40 yards downfield shouldn’t be a problem.  I was able to catch up with Tee for a brief chat and here are a few snippets from our interview.

Q: What do you plan on majoring in at Clemson in the fall?

A: Communications

Q: What NFL team would you like to play for?

A: “Doesn’t really matter!” ( I loved that answer, my sentiments exactly)

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “My mom and my sister”

It was a pleasure interviewing Tee and we all look forward to watching him make big plays for the Tigers. But in the meantime you can follow Tee Higgins on Twitter at @teehiggins5

The Running game

Memphis standout heads to Clemson

Clemson is picking up speed in more ways than one.  First of all they haven’t lost a game since last year’s national championship against Saban.  Then they continued their assault on college football by beating FSU in Doak Campbell Stadium, which is one of the difficult places to win a road game.  And it seems that the Clemson Tigers are well on their way to another appearance in the national championship game. 


This has been an unprecedented run of success for the Clemson.  How much longer can this success last you might ask?  The answer to that question is all about preparation – not just for next week’s game, but for next season’s team. And when it comes to recruiting, Clemson is killing it.  

They’ve picked up a plethora of 4 and 5 star recruits that fit together like puzzle pieces like defensive back AJ Terrell and linebacker Justin Foster and on the offensive side of the ball, pro style quarterback Hunter Johnson and 6’4” wide receiver Tee Higgins.  But what brings even more balance to the future Tiger offense is the savage running game of Cordarrian Richardson.


List of major programs that offered Cordarrian a full ride to play football:

  • Florida State Seminoles 

  • Ole Miss Rebels 

  • Tennessee Volunteers 

  • Alabama Crimson Tide

  • LSU Tigers

  • Auburn Tigers

  • Georgia Bulldogs 

  • Michigan Wolverines

But #WE2DEEP17 was too enticing, so he’s taking his talents to Clemson, SC  

Cordarrian Richardson


Hometown: Memphis, TN

School: Trezevant High

Position: RB


Weight: 222

Rating:4 Star

We recently had the opportunity to interview Cordarrian and here are the highlights from our conversation:


A: “My mom has had the biggest influence on my life and I know that carries over on to the field and how I play so I have to put her first, but some of my other influences when it comes down to football..good question, I kind of think of Ezekiel Elliot and Le’Veon Bell. I like the way they play”


A: “Outside of football I like to hangout with friends and family. Other things I like doing is community service and things of that nature.”

Q: What do you plan on majoring in at Clemson in the fall?

A: “I’m pretty sure I’ll major in communication.”

Q: What made you choose Clemson over that long list of other schools?

A: “Well what made me commit to Clemson was when I stepped foot on campus I just had a different feeling. I felt like Clemson was special. I like how the coaches treat the players and the players treat each other like real brothers.”

The Defense

AJ shuts them down and Justin knocks them out

The ACC should be shaking in their boots over Clemson’s 2017 recruits. Clemson scored big with two more top shelf commitments on the defensive side of the ball with cornerback AJ Terrell and outside linebacker, Justin Foster.

AJ Terrell

Clemson commit, AJ Terrell on an official visit to Notre Dame

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

School: Westlake High

Position: Cornerback

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 176

Rating: 5 stars

Despite having spent a considerable amount of time on offensive (last season collecting 275 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns) Aj’s been recruited by Clemson to play defensive back, thus making him most likely to be the pick-6 man of the year considering how sticky his finger are.  

He really seems like the kind of defensive back that will be able to shut down half of the field and make quarterbacks pay for throwing his way.  Everyone benefits from having a lockdown cornerback, especially linebackers.  The more time the QB takes to find an open man – the more time teammates like Justin Foster will have to get their paws on them.

Justin Foster

Dabo shaking hands with the #1 player in the state of North Carolina and Clemson commit, Justin Foster

Hometown: Shelby, NC

School: Crest High

Position: LB

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 250

Future Tiger watch

Bringing new meaning to the phrase team is like family

Cordarrian Richardson knows what it’s like to have your teammates feel like real family, because he currently plays on the same high school team as his nephew Marterio Richardson,who’s a standout cornerback/kick returner with 4 Kick returns for touchdowns and 2 interceptions this season alone – and he’s only a sophomore. 

Picture below: Cordarrian Richarson (Left) Marterio Richardson (Right)


If Marterio Richardson has it his way, he’ll follow in his uncle’s footsteps to Clemson and bring new meaning to the phrase Clemson family.  Dabo has built a powerhouse program based on a community that feels like family, so it’s only natural football families like the Richardsons have gravitated towards it.  

Marterio has a couple more seasons to play in high school to prove to Dabo he’s Tiger material, but if he’s already returning 4 kicks for touchdowns in a season, he’s well on his way to playing on Saturday for Swinney.

We wish all these guys the best of luck in the up coming seasons!

 The images used in this article are from social media accounts; twitter, instagram and/or facebook.  The author and owner of personally contacted them on twitter to get permission.  If any player has changed their mind about allowing their images used on this site please email or on twitter @FBGazette 

Clemson mascot image: :By Clemson University [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

featured image: By Daderot (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

 featured image :By Clemson University [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The images used in this article are from social media accounts; twitter, instagram and/or facebook.  The author and owner of personally contacted them on twitter to get permission.  If any player has changed their mind about allowing their images used on this site please email or on twitter @FBGazette 

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