Pokes’ Magnificent 17 looks lethal

Stillwater, OK — When it comes to recruiting Mike Gundy is able to think outside the box without abandoning conventional wisdom.  For example, his conventional wisdom built strong recruiting pipelines in the talent hubs of high school football – Texas and Georgia in particular.  But he and his staff also left the country to recruit 4 star ATH, Chuba Hubbard in Alberta Canada.  

It might look like he’s all over the map, but he’s very precise about where he spends his time and he’s extremely efficient.  Let’s take Texas for example, when he spends valuable resources recruiting Texas talent, he leaves Texas with talented Texans.  Take a look at the list of this years recruits and see for yourself how many hale from The Lone-Star State.


With the obvious exception of Hubbard, the recurring theme is clear – if they didn’t recruit you from Texas, Georgia or Oklahoma then the Cowboys didn’t recruit you.  That mixture of traditional thinking and reaching out to international players is what I love about Oklahoma State’s recruiting class of 2017.  

Gundy knows where the talent usually is so he simply goes there and gets it. And if he hears about a player with potential from outside the country he gets his passport, boards a plane and brings another athlete home for the Pokes.  That’s how they recruit in Stillwater and it seems to be working.

We recently had the opportunity to interview one of Oklahoma State’s 2017 commits – offensive lineman, Dan Moore Jr. and he told us his recruiting class is being dubbed the Magnificent 17! 

Dan Moore

Dan Moore Jr with his mom and his sister

Hometown: Beaumont, TX

School: West Brook

Position: OL

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 316

Highlights from my interview with Magnificent 17 member, Dan Moore:

Q: Outside of school and football, what are your favorite interests and hobbies?

A: “My favorite interest would have to be fishing and hanging out with my  teammates.”

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: ” My coaches would have to be my biggest influence when it comes to football.      Especially my position coach, he is like a second father to me, and keeps me on top of  all my priorities. Whether it be football or other activities.”

Dan Moore with his new position coach, Greg Adkins


Q: What’s your major going to be at Oklahoma State in the fall?

A: “I will major in Chemical engineering”

Q: What made you choose Oklahoma State over other schools?

A: ” I decided to commit to OK State because I felt it was just the right thing to do. On my visit I was able to meet the staff and they were amazing. All of the support I would get academically to ensure that I obtain my degree is what really impressed me. And also the bond the coaches create with the players. It’s not just on a football level, it’s personal. I like that the coaches create relationships with their players and that’s what makes it all feel like a family. Them being one of the top teams in the country is just a plus. I’m more than glad to be a cowboy! Go Pokes!”

Dan Moore with his dad (middle) and O-line coach, Greg Adkins

We look forward to seeing Dan Moore play on the Pokes O-line and in the meantime you can follow him on Twitter @bigg_dan71


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