Cyclones pick up speed with 2017 commitments

Ames, IA — Considering the current state of affairs with ISU football I felt it was an opportune time to offer a fresh perspective on the Cyclones future.  At present, the team can only account for 2 wins. Perhaps it’s best for fans to start looking towards next season and begin learning a bit about the newest batch of recruits – specifically, wide receiver Josh Johnson.

It is easy to feel optimistic about the trajectory of the program once you examine Josh Johnson’s highlight reel on Hudl.  Johnson is athletic enough to play on both sides of the ball, a hallmark of a future superstar.  Josh told us in a recent interview that he chose Iowa State becuase he believes he can make an immediate impact.  Based on our time in the film room, we tend to agree.  


By the looks of it, Cyclone fans won’t have to wait too long before they have something to brag about in Ames. We here at the Gazette think Johnson can be the biggest playmaker Iowa State has seen since Troy Davis.

Josh Johnson


Hometown: North Little Rock, AR

School: Central Arkansas Christian

Position: WR

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180 lbs

Rating: 3-Stars

Highlights from our interview with Josh:

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “My biggest influence would have to be my coach Joe Adams that played for Arkansas.”

Q:  Have you decided on what you’d like to major in at Iowa State in the fall?

A: “I became interested in kinesiology when my coach started to tell me more and more about it and I knew I always wanted to be a coach at the end of my career, so I’m probably going to major in kinesiology because it helps athletes so much.  Earning that type of major will help me become the best coach I can be.”

Q: Outside or school and football, what are your favorite hobbies and interests?

A: “My favorite things to do outside or school and football is to just chill and hangout with friends.   I love hanging out with friends outside of school that’s why our team is so close.  Usually we’re at each other’s houses. All of our moms call us their sons cause we’re always together”

Q: What made you choose Iowa State over other schools?

A: “Iowa State was just a comfortable fit for me, plus I knew I could come in and contribute early.”

Q: Which NFL team would like to play for the most?

A: “Dallas Cowboys”

Q: Who’s your favorite player of all-time?

A: “Sterling Shepard for the NY Giants”

In the meantime you can follow Josh on Twitter @show_time_4

Fetatured Image: By Tallness456 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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