Buffs pick up speed with Texas commits

(Article update) including Jaylon Jackson interview 

Boulder, CO — Football fans of The Colorado Buffaloes were given a preview of things to come Thursday night on ESPN2.  The nationally televised high school football game between DeSoto and South Grande Prairie had all the action and octane football fans crave. DeSoto spread the wealth around by having five players score touchdowns in this televised shootout.  For Buffs fans, the person of interest was starting running back KD Nixon.  


The first time I heard of KD Nixon was back in September. I was listening to the Cedar Hill vs DeSoto game on the radio.  I was immediately caught off guard when I heard the annoucer say: “Robinson fades back, finds Nixon in the flat….he’s chased out of bounds on the 22 yard line for a 40 yard gain.” I thought to myself, how on earth did he get a 40 yard gain in a few seconds?

I did what most sports writers do – took to the internet to watch his highlights on Hudl and Youtube.  However, in this day and age the quality of those videos does not do the players justice, especially one as electrifying as Dixon.  Finally seeing him in action on ESPN2 validated my expectations. Dixon is the type of player that scores so fast, fans do not even have time to get excited about a potential touchdown. He works fast – in the first half he caught a screen pass in the flat and was in the end zone in a flash.  

I love the feeling of a dagger 3-pointer in basketball. That moment of silent anticipation from when the player releases the ball and it floats towards the hoop is pure magic! It is exciting to anticipate something and then have it happen. KD Nixon plays football so fast that it robs you of that anticipation.  His velocity on the field leaves little time for projection.

In the minds of most NFL scouts there are combine players and  there are game time players.  I will take a gamer of a stat stuffer any day of the week, especially on Saturday. I’m not interested in his 40 speed or what some expert scouts saw at the combine. What I heard on the radio and saw on ESPN is proof enough that the Colorado Buffaloes football program picked up a pure bread play-maker in KD Nixon.  


Consider this, in Texas high school football, arguably the most competitive football in in the nation on this level – KD averages a first down every time he touches the ball.  He averages over 10 yards a carry and 20 yards per catch.  Those numbers could not lie if they wanted to. If you’re one for superstition or symbolism – his jersey number is #1, which is how we at the Gazette see he’s elite talent.   Colorado might be in for a Saturday spectacle every time he takes the field. 

The PAC 12 is known for their speed and only time will tell if my predictions are correct, but the conference just got a little bit faster with KD Nixon’s commitment to the University of Colorado Boulder.

More Texas Talent Headed to CO


Another Texas 4-star recruit headed to Boulder in the fall is Jaylon Jackson and FootballGazette.com recently had the opportunity to interview the standout wide receiver. We talked about everything from school to football to how Cedar Hill helped prepare him for the next level.

Jaylon Jackson


Hometown: Cedar Hill, TX

School: Cedar Hill

Position: WR

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 160

Rating: 4-Stars

Highlights from our interview with Jaylon:

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “My family is my biggest influence when it comes to football ,Father, Mother and Brothers.”

Q: Have you decided on what you’ll be majoring in at Colorado in the fall?

A: “I want to be a sport broadcaster or analysis so media journalism communications.”

Q: Outside of school and football, what are your favorite hobbies and interests?

A: “Don’t really have no favorite hobby outside of football I kinda do football all day every day from playing watching training studying…. really you could say competing is my favorite thing to do.”

Q: What made you choose Colorado over other schools?

A: “The relationship I built with the coaching staff. The offense fits me very well love what coach Chev is doing with it the facilities was fantastic and after being around the team just felt like home also have a great relationship with the recruits coming in my class.”

Q: What makes Cedar Hill different from other high school football teams and how did it prepare you for the next level?

A: “Our program stresses fighting for the man next you to you … make sure we do things as a team, if one teammate does something we all need to agree with it and going our hardest from whistle to whistle.. I feel my work ethic and discipline will stand out on next level.”

You can follow Jaylon Jackson on Twitter @jaylonjackson10

Featured image : By Jason Oliver (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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