The Big Man

Tristan Wirfs


Hometown: Mount Vernon, IA

School: Mount Vernon High

Position: OT

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 290 lbs

Highlight from our interview with Tristan: 

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “I think my biggest influences are my teammates and college players, my teammates push me to be the best that I can be, and watching players at the college and professional level just help to see their technique and how they do things.”

Q: Outside or school and football, what are your favorite hobbies and interests?

 A: “Well I’ve been a 4 sport athlete all through high school so I’ve never really had time to have hobbies or anything, sports have just always been my life growing up.”

Q:  Have you decided on what you’d like to major in at Iowa in the fall?

 A: “I have not decided on a major yet but I’m thinking about either elementary education or something like kinesiology”

Q: What made you choose Iowa State over other schools?

 A: “Just the atmosphere the coaches provided, they make it feel really welcoming at Iowa and it just felt like home I knew that’s where I wanted to be.”

You can follow Tristan Wirfs on Twitter @TristanWirfs74

The Speedy Receiver

Brandon Smith


Hometown: Lake Cormorant, MS

School: Lake Cormorant

Position: WR

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 198 lbs

Highlights from our interview with Brandon Smith:

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “All of my coaches they push me to be great and do the little things right”

Q: What will you be majoring in at Iowa in the fall?

A: “Sports Medicine”

Q: What made you choose Iowa over all the other schools you received offers from?

A: “When I took my visit to Iowa it was a great experience and I feel that I will get on the field my first year”

Q: Who do you think should win the Heisman Trophy this year?

A: “Lamar Jackson”

You can follow Brandon Smith on Twitter @brandon28255

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