Hog Mollie High

Texas — Two Eagles have been perched at the top of the rankings in Texas for most of the season with both DeSoto and Allen remaining undefeated after 12 games.  Unfortunately, they are in different divisions this year so we won’t get the chance to see them play. 

Top 5 team in Texas (11/20/16)

  1. DeSoto 12-0

  2. Allen 12-0

  3. The Woodlands 12-0

  4. Cedar Hill 10-2

  5. Lake Travis (Austin) 11-1

As far as story lines go – Eagles vs Eagles isn’t in the mix.  That said, a Cedar Hill vs DeSoto rematch is scheduled for a week from Friday if they both win their games this week. If that happens, then the Longhorns will be able to seek revenge for the loss they suffered back in September.  DeSoto hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down and, perhaps more importantly, the Eagles aren’t getting any smaller anytime soon.  

I personally think the lineman for Desoto are the driving force behind this talented Eagles team, making them formidable opponents for whoever they face off against.  And their hog mollies are the underlying reason they’ve been able to not only win big games but win by big margins. 

They won 33-18 over Cedar Hill earlier this season and it’ll be interesting to see if the Longhorn’s linemen are going to be able to measure up against these large and in charge, top shelf talents in the event that rematch goes down next round in the playoffs.


Highlights from our interview with Big Ed and Xavier Newman

Q: How long have the seniors on the team been playing together? Were any of you teammates before high school?

Ed: “Most of them I’ve met in middle school but we’ve gotten closer in high school. I’ve probably been playing with Channing Hawkins one of our Defensive Ends the longest.”

X: “I’ve been knowing KD Nixon since middle school.” 

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Ed: ” Monster trucks rallies on TV”

X: “My favorite hobby is Watching TV and going out with my friends.”


Q: Do you think DeSoto plays on such a higher level you guys are more prepared than most for the next level than most HS players?

X: “yessir we play on a very high level due to the fact that we go against the best in the country everyday single and pick up on each others game to make each other better”


We wish DeSoto the best of luck in the playoffs!  


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