Coach Chev revs up Buffs

Boulder, CO — “The rise is real” is not only a motto, it is a matter of fact. The Colorado Buffs are the real deal and Coach Chev is playing a vital role in this CU football revival.  He and the rest of the coaching staff have led the 2016 team into the top 10 for the first time since 2002.  The Buffs have won more conference games this year than they have in last 5 years combined.  I think it’s safe to say, the rise is most definitely for real.

As a former receiver, Coach Chev has an eye for recruiting his old position.  He has already landed top shelf Texas talents – KD Nixon, Jaylon Jackson and Laviska Shenault – proof that he is able to get commitments from some of the best receivers in the country.  All three players are from the Dallas area and KD and Laviska are already teammates on DeSoto.  

Pictured below: Jaylon Jackson (left) KD Nixon and Laviska Shenault (top right) And KD Nixon (bottom right)

Coach Chev can’t make any specific comments about recruits until after signing day, but he clearly has a tremendous amount of respect for Dallas/Fort Worth area high school football, because when I asked him about this topic he took the time to say: “Great city and great players. Very developed coming out of high school.”  

I personally think “very developed coming out of high school” might be an understatement when you consider their mental development in addition to their obvious physical prowess.  

For example, the DeSoto vs Cedar Hill game had more than 10,000 people in attendance, so they’re not only playing on a higher level than most high school athletes, but they’re also comfortable playing in front of thousands of fans. Granted the Buffs’ home stadium, Folsem Field holds over 50,000, but these Texas players are used to being center stage in a packed house of screaming fans.  

If there were ever a group of players ready for the college football, it’s this talented crew from Texas.  Texas has a tendency for preparing young men for the next level better than any other state.  The only other states in the same ballpark as Texas, regarding football talent, are Florida and California. Perhaps that’s why, according to, every single 2017 commitment is either from Colorado or one of the premier football talent hubs – CA, TX and FL.

Pictured below from left to right: Jaylon Jackson (TX), Maurice Bell (CA), Coach Chev and Laviska Shenault (TX)


Coach Chev and the rest of the CU coaching staff sure knows where to find the best players!

We recently had the opportunity to interview Xavier Newman, one of the Texas hog mollies headed to Boulder in the fall.  

Xavier Newmanl0xaetix

Hometown: DeSoto, TX

School: DeSoto

Position: OT

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 285 lbs

Highlights from our conversation with the big man.

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “My biggest influence is my mother, she is the reason why I keep pushing and doing my thing.”

Q: Outside of school and football, what are your favorite interests and hobbies?

A: “My favorite hobby is watching TV and going out with my friends.”

Q: What do you plan on majoring in at Colorado in the fall?

A: “Sports Marketing or Education”

Q: What made you choose Colorado over other schools?

A: “I felt as if I was at home when I was in Boulder and it felt like the place I need to be.”

Q: There are three players from your team committed to Colorado, were you the first to commit?

A: “No, it was Laviska, then me and KD.”

Q: How much did you impact KD’s decision to finally commit?

A: ” I mean I been knowing him since middle school and we both fell in love with Colorado I told him its a great school and I was committing and I would love to play with him in college”

Q: Do you think DeSoto plays on such a higher level you guys are more prepared for the next level than most high school players?

A: “Yessir we play on a very high level due to the fact that we go against the best in the country every single day and pick up on each others game to make each other better”

We also recently had the chance to interview wide receiver Jaylon Jackson






HEIGHT: 5’11”



Highlights from our interview with Jaylon Jackson

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “My family is my biggest influence when it comes to football ,Father, Mother and Brothers.”

Q: Have you decided on what you’ll be majoring in at Colorado in the fall?

A: “I want to be a sport broadcaster or analysis so media journalism communications.”

Q: Outside of school and football, what are your favorite hobbies and interests?

A: “Don’t really have no favorite hobby outside of football I kinda do football all day every day from playing watching training studying…. really you could say competing is my favorite thing to do.”

Q: What made you choose Colorado over other schools?

A: “The relationship I built with the coaching staff. The offense fits me very well love what coach Chev is doing with it the facilities was fantastic and after being around the team just felt like home also have a great relationship with the recruits coming in my class.”

Q: What makes Cedar Hill different from other high school football teams and how did it prepare you for the next level?

A: “Our program stresses fighting for the man next you to you … make sure we do things as a team, if one teammate does something we all need to agree with it and going our hardest from whistle to whistle.. I feel my work ethic and discipline will stand out on next level.”

Be sure to check out all these great players on Hudl and follow them on Twitter

Xavier Newman: @XavierNewman55 / Hudl

KD Nixon: @K1Nixon / Hudl

Jaylon Jackson: @jaylonjackson10 / Hudl

Laviska Shenault: @Viska2live / Hudl

You can also follow coach Chev on Twitter @CoachChev6

Go Buffs!

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