Rematch of the Century: Cedar Hill vs DeSoto

Dallas, TX– There’s a storm brewing in Dallas.  Two rivals are set to go head to head for the second time this season in the most highly anticipated rematch in high school football this century.   The Cedar Hill Longhorns vs The DeSoto Eagles is sure to be a barnburner that will showcase more talent on one field than ever before seen in a high school playoff, rivalry rematch.  It’s the perfect storm and it’s going down at Jerry’s House @ 5:30pm this Saturday.  There’s no better venue for a game of this magnitude than AT&T Stadium.  


Cedar Hill (11-2)

Texas rank: 3  National rank: 28

DeSoto (13-0)

Texas rank: 2  National rank: 14

The Quarterbacks

Avery “Football” Davis


Shawn “The GOAT” Robinson

Name: Avery Davis

School: Cedar Hill

College choice: Notre Dame

Passing Yards: 2,413

Percentage: 70%

Passing TDs: 33

Ints: 4

Rushing Yards: 260

Rushing TDs: 4

Name: Shawn Robinson

School: DeSoto

College choice: TCU

Passing Yards: 2,732

Percentage: 57%

Passing TDs: 23

Ints: 7

Rushing Yards: 1,022

Rushing TDs: 14

These 2 quarterbacks have some of the best wide receivers in the country as targets. Cedar Hill is stacked with three big time playmakers with Charleston Rambo (Oklahoma commit), Cam Buckley (Texas A&M) and Jaylon Jackson (Colorado commit).  

Pictured below: Rambo (left) Buckley (right)

Rambo is the most productive of the three receivers on Cedar Hill with 1,302 yards receiving and 22 touchdowns. While DeSoto’s top receiver, KD Nixon (Colorado commit) pulled in 1,011 yards receiving yards, 9 receiving touchdowns as well as 4 rushing touchdowns.

With that being said, Shawn Robinson has so many options he’s able to spread the ball around to his other receivers like Emmett Perry (Wisconsin commit) who has racked up 797 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns while Laviska Shenault (Colorado commit) has pulled in 513 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns.

Perhaps you’re noticing the recurring theme of Colorado commits that are playing in this game – and if three wasn’t enough – DeSoto Offensive lineman Xavier Newman has also committed to the play in Boulder next year.

Pictured below: Jaylon Jackson (left) and Laviska Shenault (far right)

In addition to those solid commitments, Cedar Hill also has running back Kaegun Williams who is strongly considering committing to Colorado.  As recently as this week he told us in an interview “Maybe” – so Colorado fans might want to find a way to tune into this game considering how many the offensive weapons are heading to Boulder in the fall.

The Hog Mollies

The edge definitely goes to DeSoto when it comes down to the war in the trenches.  DeSoto has one of the best offensive linemen in the country with “Big Ed”Ingram, who’s headed to LSU in the fall.  He has the ability to collapse half a defensive line and routinely hands out pancakes like he’s waiting tables at IHOP.

Pictured below is (#74) Big Ed, (#55) Xavier Newman and in the background you’ll see Missouri commit Haryn White.


I personally believe the reason DeSoto was able to win so convincingly in the first game (33-18) was because of the lineman.  As Shawn Robison’s Twitter page says, “My O-Line is better than yours” and I have to agree with him; however, Cedar Hill has been on a hot streak for the last 2 months and all bets are off in this rivalry rematch.  The stage is set and we’re all just waiting for the curtains to rise.

Featured image:By Mahanga (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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