Vandy gets Moore top shelf talent

Nashville, TN — Vandy has always been the best academic school in the SEC, that’s nothing new, nor is that going to change – but what has been changing in the SEC is the where the talented football players are committing.  It’s been a humbling year for a lot of the perennial powerhouse programs in the Southeastern Conference, with the exception of Alabama and Florida – every single team has lost at least 4 games.  

That’s great news for Vanderbilt because for the first time in a while, they’re able to recruit top talent with a brand new narrative – the SEC east is up for grabs more than it’s been for a very long time.  Georgia only has one more win than the Commodores this season and across the rest of the conference, the overall records paint a very pretty picture.

Teams like Tennessee, Texas A&M and Auburn are all nationally ranked but have only won 2 more games than Vandy and since LSU missed a game due to Hurricane Matthew they’ve only won 1 more game.  


The gap is closing in on the football schools in the SEC and it’s makes recruiting much easier for Vanderbilt because academically they’ve always been light years ahead of the rest of the conference, but now they’re starting to become equals on the gridiron. 

Perhaps that’s why Dimitri Moore, the standout linebacker from Cedar Hill, TX is so excited to be joining the incoming class at Vanderbilt.  He’s one of those rare high school football players that already plays on such a high level that he’s ready to make an immediate impact on day one.  


Consider this, in 2 days he’ll be playing at AT&T stadium in front of thousands of fans in a televised game against Cedar Hill’s arch rival DeSoto in the high school football Rematch of the Century.  If that doesn’t prepare a recruit for the next level, nothing will.  

Generally speaking, Texas high school football prepares players for college better than any other state, but that’s especially true for teams like Cedar Hill.  To ensure the highest level of competition, they flew in one of the highest nationally ranked teams, Bishop Gorman from Las Vegas,  just to make sure they’re playing against the most elite talent.  

That’s what makes players like Dimitri Moore more prepared for the next level more than your average 3-Star recruit.  What makes him a great linebacker might not always show up at the combines or the camps, but it’s definitely something you’ll notice in games and that’s all that really matters.

Dimitri Moore


Hometown: Cedar Hill, TX

School: Cedar Hill High

Position: Outside Linebacker

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 200 lbs

Rating: 3-Star

Position Rank: 42

State Rank: 88

Things are looking good for Vanderbilt heading into the 2017 season and if this trend continues they might even be contending for a SEC east title!

Anchor Down!

You can follow Dimitri Moore on Twitter @DimitriMoore7 

Vandy football stadium picture courtesy of: By Matthew Tosh [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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