Colorado’s feisty Van Diest

Boulder, CO — Texas, Florida and California recruits are, for lack of a better term, great.  That said, their greatest weakness is the fact that they rarely play games in the lands of ice and snow.  There has always been a unique appeal about gritty cold weather players. Especially ones who seem to thrive in the frigid tundras rather than becoming hindered by the often freezing temperatures.  That is exactly what I saw when I watched Jon Van Diest’s highlight reel on Hudl.  

After two vicious tackles to kick off the video, the third play is a 60-yard pick 6 in the snow.  This kind of playmaking will make him fit in like a mitten in Boulder.  This homegrown lineman hails from Greenwood Village which is just an hour away from Folsom Field, where he hopes to continue his assault on quarterbacks as the new strong side defensive end for the Buffs.

When we talked about the pick 6, Jon wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings on the memory of that particular play saying, “That was pretty awesome.”  He hit the nail on the head because it was pretty awesome just like all 60-yard pick 6’s in the snow are.  After watching 20 minutes of his highlights I’m convinced he’s a purebred pass rusher that’s fast, scrappy and ready to terrorize quarterbacks in the PAC 12  All his swim moves seem to be a prelude to a sack and he has a proclivity for big plays like blocking field goals and causing turnovers.

Jonathan Van Diest


Hometown: Greenwood Village, CO

School: Cherry Creek

Position: Defensive End

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 235 lbs

State rank: 6

You can follow Van Diest on Twitter @jonvandiest

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