Hotshot Canuck commits to Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI– Approximately 1,400 players attended Michigan’s Exposure U football camp back in June and it apparently yielded impressive results.  One of the most noteworthy recruits in attendance was a Montreal native, Benjamin St-Juste, who was able to go from unknown prospect to player on the roster in a matter of days.  

Top-ranked recruits from states like Texas and Florida were immersed in football culture since birth and were practically baptized in Gatorade, but Ben’s first sport wasn’t football, it was hockey.  In fact, his first language wasn’t even English, it was french.  Evidently, Ben St-Juste isn’t just a fast learner but he also has a verified 40 speed of 4.5 seconds, making him quick enough on his feet to keep up with some of the best wide receivers in college football. 

Benjamin St-Juste


Hometown: Montreal, PQ

 School: Vieux 

Position: Cornerback

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 185 lbs

Rating: 4-Stars

Position rank: 21

Overall rank: 221

Highlights from our interview with Benjamin St. Juste

Q: What the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A: “Never make a decision that you will regret, and never regret a decision when you make one. This advice came from one of High school coach Alain Gauvin.”

Q: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to football?

A: “I would say, my dad. My dad is the reason why I started playing football when I was 9 years old.  He’s always pushing me to become better and to succeed in everything I do because his life was very rough.”

Q: What made you choose Michigan over your other offers?

A: “Michigan feels like home, I love the coaches, the players and the people in Ann Arbor.  I have the chance to play early in a team that is competing every year for a national championship”

Q: What do you plan on majoring in at Michigan in the fall?

A: “I will be enrolling early and majoring in communication (Sports broadcasting)”

Q: Who’s the best player you’ve ever played against?

A: “Jerry Jeudy at the Opening Finals”

 You can follow St-Juste on Twitter @Benj_UpNext

To read more interviews with top-ranked Michigan recruits check out the AJ Dillon article, ” The Mass appeal of AJ Dillon”

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