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The dawn of a new day in DeSoto

DeSoto, TX— Let’s not exaggerate how long DeSoto’s championship drought has been a genuine source of frustration for the community.  Despite the team having been around since 1956, it wasn’t until coach Ben Dial led the Eagles to their first 10 win season in the early 90’s did fans actually start to believe that a state title was within reach.  

Average teams don’t inspire hope, but Dial ushered in an era of expectation and the city of DeSoto hasn’t been the same since.  He turned an underwhelming program into a well-oiled machine and cultivated talent that would ultimately give the next generation of future Eagles role models to look up to – players that wouldn’t just go on to play in the NFL, but also return home to talk to the team and give them advice on life and football.   

To put my perspective in terms Dallas residents can appreciate –  DeSoto football became a contender approximately around the same time the Cowboys won their last Super Bowl – give or take a few years. And I don’t think it’s fair to put the weight of the statement “DeSoto football has been around since 1956 and they’ve never appeared in a state title” on these players shoulders.  

To quote Slim Charles from The Wire, “The thing about the old days, they’re the old days”  and Saturday, December 17, 2016, will most certainly be the dawn of a new day in the city of DeSoto, TX.  And you can bet your bottom dollar coach Dial will be looking down from heaven cheering on the best high school football team in the country, The DeSoto Eagles!

UIL State Championship (6A D2)

December 17, 2016 @ 4pm cst

Arlington, TX – AT&T Stadium

#1 DeSoto (15-0) vs #9 Cibolo Steele (14-1) 

Featured image courtesy of: skys the limit2

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