DeSoto takes home title

DeSoto, TX– Big Shawn dropped bombs and Big Ed handed out pancakes until Cibolo just couldn’t take it anymore.  The Eagles led the entire game and Cibolo only had glimpses of would-be momentum, ending with the final score of 38 – 29.  

The knights tried to put up a fight, but there was no denying that DeSoto was the best team in Texas and if the Eagles were given the chance to play Bishop Gorman, they’d most likely prove to be the best team in the country. 

Player of the Game: Shawn Robinson

Passing: 222 yards, 2 TDs

Rushing: 197 yards, 1 TD 

Back in October, we spoke to “Big Ed” Ingram about the possible outcome of a DeSoto vs Bishop Gorman match up and here’s an excerpt from that interview:

Q: Could your DeSoto Eagles beat Bishop Gorman?

A: “We take the season one game at a time. So I never really thought about  Bishop Gorman, but we have some of the best coaches and players in the entire country so I know it would be a hard fought battle no matter what!” 

In that same interview, Big Ed also predicted the future by sharing this picture with us explaining, “This is a gift to one of our coaches but it’s gonna look nice to have my own state championship ring by the end of the season.”  And that was more than two months before they beat Cibolo Steele at AT&T Stadium!!!


Here was’s prediction for the game:

Heavyweights vs Featherweights

Dallas, TX — There was an article recently published on SportsDay.DallasNews: Why DeSoto’s offense could have problems with Cibolo Steele’s defense in state title game, that featured an interview with San Antonio Express-News writer Adam Zuvanich.  He argued that DeSoto, a team that averages 48 points per game would be stopped by a Cibolo’s defense because, “Technically, their defensive starters have not given up points in the last four playoff games.”

Like all championship games there’s been a lot of hype going into today’s match-up, but let’s cut through the bluster and get to the meat and potatoes of the facts on the field.

The points Zuvanich made lend themselves to a few questions.  First, how good were those teams in comparison to the teams DeSoto played?  I can’t imagine Cibolo Steele shutting out Cedar Hill’s high octane offense.  I would bet everything I own that if they played Avery Davis and Charleston Rambo 100 times, they wouldn’t be able to shut them out once.  Just for the record, Cedar Hill is ranked higher than Cibolo and DeSoto has beaten them twice this year.

The second thing that caught my attention was the emphasis he put on how strong their defensive line is, led by DT, Josh Croslen.  I don’t mean to be dismissive of his point, but Croslen is 6’1” 280 lbs who turned down offers from schools like Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners and SMU to go to Minnesota.  Compared to DeSoto O-line, which is led by Big Ed Ingram, who’s 6’4” 330 lbs and turned down offers from Alabama and Georgia to go to LSU.  It sounds like Zuvanich is using fuzzy math with his assessment of this match-up in the trenches. 

He also acknowledged Cibolo has yet to face a quarterback as talented as Shawn Robinson, Gatorade Texas Football Player of the Year – but he still thinks the Cibolo defensive backs are going to shut him down.  Wishful thinking will get you nowhere. Shawn is nicknamed the GOAT for a reason.

As the old saying goes – fast guys get tired, but big guys don’t shrink.  In the 4th quarter, Cibolo’ss duel-threat Quarterback Xavier Martin might get slower, but Big Ed Ingram is still going to be huge, Shawn is still the best player in the state and the rest of the DeSoto team is a peppered with players heading to powerhouse programs in the fall.  For example, three of the Eagle’s receivers are committed to power five conference teams that played in a conference championship this season – Wisconsin and Colorado.

In closing, the unforgiving reality is this match-up looks a lot like Floyd Mayweather is about to fight Muhammad Ali and unfortunately for Cibolo, featherweights don’t beat heavyweights – they get knocked out by them.

Congratulations to the whole DeSoto Eagle squad! It’s been an amazing ride following you guys this season and we all look forward to watching you play at the next level!


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