Will DJ leave Dallas for the desert?

Dallas, TX — With the season over and signing day approaching, DJ Green has to make a decision – stay home in Dallas and play defensive back for SMU or leave for New Mexico and play running back.  Most recruits don’t have these types of options on the table, but then again DJ isn’t like most recruits.  In addition to playing on both sides of the ball, DJ is also partially deaf, a disability he’s managed to turn into an advantage on the football field.

Although crowd noise is one of the main causes of miscommunication among teammates, DJ doesn’t have to worry about that being an issue.  In fact, his hearing loss has made DJ a fast learner when it comes to sign language, so communicating via hand signals for last second adjustments on the line of scrimmage comes naturally to him.  

This past season he rushed for over 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns on the ground along with his 191 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns by air.  He’s a natural talent that’s played football in one of the most competitive regions in the country and he’s definitely ready for the next level.  

DJ Green


Hometown: Dallas, TX

School: Woodrow Wilson

Position: RB/CB

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180 lbs

Rating: 3-Stars


Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A: “Don’t let nobody stop you from being successful”  

Q: Who’s the best player you’ve ever played against?

A: “Best player I’ve ever played against is Texas A&M LB commit Devodrick Johnson”

Q: Who’s your biggest influence?

A: “Hall of Famer Tim Brown and my mom is my biggest influence”

Q: Which schools are on your short list?

A: “New Mexico State, New Mexico, SMU and Grambling State”

Q: What’s the number one school on your short list?

A: “New Mexico State, then New Mexico and SMU, then Grambling State. In that order.”

Q: What do you want to major in?

A: “Pharmacy or pre-med”

Q: “What’s your favorite stadium that you’ve played in? 

A: “Toyota Stadium”

Q: What do you like most about Dallas and New Mexico?

A: “Nice weather and the heat in Dallas. I like the atmosphere and the mountain view in New Mexico.”

Check out Green’s highlight reel on Hudl 


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