Seminoles are stacked with D-backs

Will Taggart takes over at FSU and Florida State football recruit Isaiah Bolden gets interviews by Football Gazette

Tallahassee, FL — On the surface Isaiah Bolden seems like just another fickle 4-star recruit who can’t make up his mind on which school he wants to play for, but anyone truly paying attention to the Florida native’s recruitment process already knows he’s simply working out the logistics.  Granted, Bolden might not know where he’ll be playing on Saturdays, but certainly knows who he’ll be playing for –  and that man is Will Taggart.

Taggart was the head coach at Oregon when he first met Isaiah Bolden and the two wasted no time in developing a relationship.  At the time Bolden was a verbal commit to his home-state powerhouse, FSU.  The Seminoles were the clear front runner until he realized playing for the right coach was more important than playing for the right team.

His loyalty to Taggart led him 3000 miles away from home to Eugene, OR where he would of been rocking a futuristic Ducks uniform instead of the iconic garnet and gold gear  Tomahawk Nation has become so famous for.  

But before he knew it, the college football gods decided to stir the pot by sending Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M and none other than Will Taggart to Florida State.  So as luck would have it Bolden wouldn’t need to move 3000 miles away, adapt to a cold climate and wear Nike’s latest fashion forward spectacle – the Florida native would actually end up playing for the coach of his choice in Doak Campbell Stadium as his friends and family watched on.  At least some of the football gods have to be Seminole fans.

FSU Football: The Perpetual Powerhouse

It should come as no surprise that Florida State’s commitment list had some big changes, as did Oregon’s – but in traditional Tomahawk fashion the Noles managed to land a few of the best defensive backs in the country including Asante Samuel Jr, the son of NFL Pro Bowler Asante Samuel and 5-star Jaiden Woodbrey from California.

The recruiting class of 2018 is officially on the books and it looks like the school Deion Sanders made synonymous with lockdown pass defense is carrying on tradition, except this time they’ll be led by the first African American head football coach in Florida State history.

Isaiah Bolden

Hometown: Zephyrhills, FL

School: Wesley Chapel

Position: CB

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 187 lbs

Rating: 4-Star

Position Rank: 18th

State Rank: 39th

Interview with 4-star Florida State commit Isaiah Bolden

Q: What team did you root for growing up?

A: “Bucs always, every day”

Q: Was there a college team you rooted for?

A: “Florida but that changed once I got into high school”

Q: Did you start rooting for another team or just get more focused on your high school team?

A: “No started getting recruited and was focus on that”

Q: In one of our previous conversations you mentioned being close friends with Brian Hightower, from IMG Academy. As you know, his high school is widely regarded as the best football program in the country, did you ever consider going to IMG?

A:”That’s right, Brian and I are close friends and I was planning on going to IMG but it didn’t go through but that a great school I know a lot of people there”

Q:If you won $500 million in the lottery, what’s one big thing you’d do with the money?

A: “Invest and try to be even richer”

Q: Besides playing for the Bucs, what’s your dream job? Are you interested in one day becoming a coach?

Isaiah Bolden: “Broadcaster or a reporter I look up to Stephen A Smith a lot but that only if my main goal of going to the NFL doesn’t happen”

Football Gazette: What’s your favorite car?

Isaiah Bolden: “Easy an all black Range Rover”

Football Gazette: Good call on the black Range! Stephen A Smith is your favorite journalist, but who’s your least favorite?

Isaiah Bolden: “I don’t have one to be honest”

Football Gazette: I thought you’d say Skip Bayless..

Isaiah Bolden: “He’s funny because the stuff that comes out his mouth crazy”

Football Gazette: Haha, I know. They were a good duo. You’re a tall guy and definitely tall enough to be a receiver. Are you being recruited to play any other positions? If you could choose your position, what would you play?

Isaiah Bolden: “Corner but receiver was my thing growing up”

Football Gazette: Do you think a team should have to win there conference in order to play in the college football playoff?

Isaiah Bolden: “I think the BEST 4 team should be in the no.”

Football Gazette: I agree, it’s a tough but fair system. Who do you think has the best chance of winning the playoff? I think Bama.

Isaiah Bolden: “Bama or Clemson”

Florida players love Kodak Black...

Q: What’s your favorite music to listen to before games? All the Florida players say Kodak for that question..And I have to give you guys credit, I started listening to Kodak and quickly became a fan.

A: “Kodak or NBA young boy. I mean we love our Florida rappers”

Q: What are your favorite Kodak songs? Mine are 14 Already Thinking About Death, Skrilla and Roll in Peace. By the way, FSU commit Asante Samuel Jr (possible future teammate) said his favorite pregame song is Kodak – Tunnel Vision

A: “Like dat, 4th quarter and roll in peace”

Football Gazette: Sounds like I have 2 more Kodak songs to listen to! Thanks for taking the time for the interview!

You can follow Isaiah on Twitter @isaiahbolden23