Kennedy Brooks Sooners

Kennedy Brooks ready to hit the ground running in 2019

Oklahoma Sooner running back Kennedy Brooks is ready to take the college football world by storm this upcoming 2019 season

The Oklahoma Sooners football program has been a hot topic lately, especially with the NFL draft coming up as Kyler Murry is expected to be the second consecutive Oklahoma QB selected first overall. That combined with the news Jalen Hurts is transferring from Alabama to take over as the Sooners new starting quarterback is reason enough for why most of their headlines have been focused on the quarterback position. However, don’t be surprised if come autumn it’ll be their running back, Kennedy Brooks that’s front and center as the Sooners make another playoff run in 2019.

Last season Brooks managed to quietly rush for 1056 yards and 8.9 yards per carry without many people taking notice. One explanation for this is that he was playing alongside one of the greatest college football players in recent memory, but whatever the reason – it’s only a matter of time until a savage like Kennedy Brooks becomes a household name.

His entire football career has been a tour de force at the running back position, dating back to when he averaged over 11 yards per carry his senior year at Mansfield High School located outside Dallas, Texas.

He is currently a redshirt Sophomore and is clearly one of many elite players on Oklahoma’s roster, but the more Lincoln Riley has entrusted him with the ball the more Brooks has proven himself. Point being, there’s no shortage of top tier running back at Oklahoma and the fact that Brooks has earned his way to a 1000 yard season as a freshman is no small thing.

Just by taking a snapshot of the Sooner’s offensive backfield it’s clearly going to be a very productive year for Oklahoma on the ground. Jalen Hurts has always been more known for what he can do with his feet than with his arms, that said, he’s been able to go 26-2 as a starter and he’s clearly more than just another fast quarterback. Having studied the game under Nick Saban as his starting QB for nearly two seasons, Hurts is clearly one of the most experienced Junior quarterbacks a coach could ask for.

Needless to say, Brooks and Hurts are going to keep Oklahoma’s opponents on their toes this 2019 college football season and don’t be surprised if they’re able to accomplish something Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murry weren’t – win a national title. Lincoln Riley might be the best college coach without a national championship, their incoming class is filled with 5-star recruits, an experienced QB who’s already won a national title and of course, Mr. 8.9 yards a carry himself – Kennedy Brooks.

The last two seasons Oklahoma has made it to the playoffs but have been denied, but next year’s playoff will be different and the third time will prove to be a charm for Lincoln Riley’s Sooners. You heard it here first!


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