Plenty of hot seats to go around

The bigger the program, the higher the expectations and at the end of the day, there’s only one way to keep your job – win.

These last couple of years there’s been several powerhouse programs that hired new head coaches and with every new job acceptance, a new vacancy is created – and the game of musical chairs begins again. Everyone changing seats at once, creating uncertainty to recruits as well as with the assistant coaches who are left treading water in the wake of a major departure. With the exception of Oklahoma, there haven’t been too many schools that have proven capable of seamlessly making major transitions.

Florida State is already coming off of the worst season in 36 years. Taggart led the Noles to a 5-7 record and for the second recruiting cycle in a row, he failed to sign a quarterback. Fortunately, for FSU the transfer portal was flush with top-level talent so he was able to land the former Wisconsin Badger, Alex Hornibrook. But before people get too excited about their new QB, it’s important to point out that he only won six games as a starter last season, so he’s not much of an improvement. It’s safe to say it would be difficult to find a seat hotter than the one Willie Taggart is going to be sitting in down in Tallahassee this fall.

That said, Jimbo Fisher took the head coaching job at a school that’s pouring record-breaking amounts of money into their program, so unless he makes it to the CFP or wins the SEC sometime soon, the 12th man is going to dig even deeper into those already deep oil-rich pockets of theirs and find a very expensive replacement for Mr. Fisher.

Jalen Hurts may not be a head coach, but he has an incredible amount of pressure to perform this season for several reasons. First, he was 26 – 2 as a starter before losing his job so he needs to prove to himself and everyone else that he’s a winner no matter where he plays and who he plays for. However, he needs to learn a whole new system not to mention the fact that he as very big shoes to fill. Taking over at QB after two consecutive Heisman trophy winners just led the school to back to back CFP appearances means anything short or the highest achievements in the game will mean almost certain disappointment.

Considering he began his college career by running the table as a freshman and winning a national championship, the bar was inevitably going to be high for the rest of his college career, but the Tua situation combined with the extremely high expectations that come with being the Sooners quarterback after Mayfield and Murray makes his seat one of the hottest in nation.