Bama bar boots Watson

Tuscaloosa, AL — For some reason, Deshaun Watson thought it was a good idea to show up at the Tuscaloosa bar Innisfree to just hang out, as though that wouldn’t draw negative attention.  Luckily, the situation didn’t get out of hand and Watson left without getting into a physical altercation, but the simple act of showing up was clearly an unnecessary risk.   Perhaps there was a perfectly valid … Continue reading Bama bar boots Watson

It’s almost Tee time for the Tigers

Clemson, SC —  These are exciting times for Clemson, but even if the Tigers manage to win their first national championship since 1981 they’re still losing a lot of their best players to the NFL draft.  This is just one of the harsh realities of college football and nearly every team that competes for a national title game has to deal with it.   In Clemson’s … Continue reading It’s almost Tee time for the Tigers

Brunswick brings the heat to South Beach

Miami, FL — As talented as south Florida might be when it comes to football, The U still needs to import some of the nation’s best athletes in order to turn the Canes back into the well-oiled machine fans got so accustomed to rooting for over the past few decades.  And if you take a look at Mark Richt’s east coast pipelines, Miami is reeling in … Continue reading Brunswick brings the heat to South Beach

Evidence proves to be big pick up for The U

Miami, FL — Evidence Njoku finished off his high shool career on December 5th by winning a New Jersey state title at Metlife Stadium in front of thousands of fans.  One of the fans in attendance was Miami’s wide receivers coach Ron Dugans, who was checking in on his biggest wide receiver commit. Alougth Evidence was held to only one catch, he proved to play a vital role his team’s … Continue reading Evidence proves to be big pick up for The U

We2deep17: Tee Higgins interview

Clemson, SC — Dabo’s aptly named recruiting class WE2DEEP17 is looking like it has enough depth on both sides of the ball to possibly be just as good, if not better than the current team in couple short years.  These days in college football, the freshman playmaker is no longer a rarity, in fact, it’s becoming increasingly more common Don’t be surprised if by this time … Continue reading We2deep17: Tee Higgins interview