Badgers go deep in Texas

Madison, WI — There’s a short list of states that consistently produce some of the best players in the country.  Year in and year out – talent hubs like Texas essentially serve as incubators for tomorrow’s stars, making the Lone star state a popular travel destination for the nation’s top programs and Wisconsin is no exception.  This past recruiting cycle the Badgers scored several key commitments … Continue reading Badgers go deep in Texas

Hotshot Canuck commits to Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI– Approximately 1,400 players attended Michigan’s Exposure U football camp back in June and it apparently yielded impressive results.  One of the most noteworthy recruits in attendance was a Montreal native, Benjamin St-Juste, who was able to go from unknown prospect to player on the roster in a matter of days.   Top-ranked recruits from states like Texas and Florida were immersed in football culture since … Continue reading Hotshot Canuck commits to Michigan

PSU hopes 3rd time is a charm vs USC in Rose Bowl

Pasadena, CA — For over a century The Rose Bowl has been played between two of the top teams from the east and west coast.  It’s one of the longest standing traditions in college football.  So, it’s surprising to learn that a historic program like Penn State has only been to the Rose Bowl three times and only managed to win once.  Let’s take a look back at the Nittany Lion’s underwhelming record in Pasadena. Continue reading “PSU hopes 3rd time is a charm vs USC in Rose Bowl”

Hoosiers get bigger with Britt Commit

Bloomington, IN The Hoosiers continues to prepare for the war in the trenches on the defensive side of the ball with big recruits like Defensive Tackle Derrius Mullins and defensive end Britt Beery.  Mullins stands 6’4” and weighs in at 340 lbs, while his fellow Indiana commit is an imposing 6’6” and 250 lbs.  There’s not doubt that the Hoosiers have put a considerable amount of emphasis on making sure their defensive linemen are huge and ready to bully whoever gets in their way.   Continue reading “Hoosiers get bigger with Britt Commit”

AJ Dillon’s Mass Appeal

Ann Arbor, MI — AJ Dillon is a quick 6 footer with balance and speed. The type of running back that needs to leave Massachusetts if he wants to play for a powerhouse. Pictures like this are the only way to truly put his mass appeal in perspective.
After careful deliberation, AJ Dillon committed to Michigan and in doing so he decided to join forces with one of the most talented rosters in college football.  Any recruit who commits to Michigan’s class of 2017  has to be highly competitive and ready to fight every day to earn a starting spot.  As it stands, their incoming class is currently ranked 9th in the country, but signing day isn’t until February and it’s safe to say Jim Harbaugh is going to play to whistle when it comes to recruiting.
Over the past decade, roughly 50% of Wolverine’s roster has been from Michigan or Ohio, but Harbaugh’s recruiting pipelines are changing all that.  He’s been setting up satellite camps all over the country and is picking up top talent in New Jersey, Florida and in Dillon’s case Massachusetts.  AJ is from Groton, MA and for the last few seasons he’s been putting on a clinic at running back for Lawrence Academy.  
What used to look like a regional all-star team is shaping up to look like a dream team with representatives from every corner of the country coming to Ann Arbor to play football for the Wolverines. Massachusetts isn’t known for their football talent and Dillon’s commitment to Michigan is a testament to Jim Harbaugh’s the new recipe for success.

Michigan football is back and you can thank the east coast for that because players like Jabrill Peppers from New Jersey and AJ Dillon from Massachusetts are just the beginning.  

AJ Dillon


Continue reading “AJ Dillon’s Mass Appeal”

Rocky Lombardi ready to lead Spartan’s air attack

East Lansing, MI — I’d like to offer a fresh perspective on how to look at the Michigan State football program.  Let’s not focus on the current 2-7 record, but rather instead look forward to what the program has in store for Spartan fans over the next several seasons. The incoming class of 2017 shows a lot of promise on the offensive side of the ball, … Continue reading Rocky Lombardi ready to lead Spartan’s air attack