Bama bar boots Watson

Tuscaloosa, AL — For some reason, Deshaun Watson thought it was a good idea to show up at the Tuscaloosa bar Innisfree to just hang out, as though that wouldn’t draw negative attention.  Luckily, the situation didn’t get out of hand and Watson left without getting into a physical altercation, but the simple act of showing up was clearly an unnecessary risk.   Perhaps there was a perfectly valid … Continue reading Bama bar boots Watson

Vandy gets Moore top shelf talent

Nashville, TN — Vandy has always been the best academic school in the SEC, that’s nothing new, nor is that going to change – but what has been changing in the SEC is the where the talented football players are committing.  It’s been a humbling year for a lot of the perennial powerhouse programs in the Southeastern Conference, with the exception of Alabama and Florida – every single team has lost at least 4 games.   Continue reading “Vandy gets Moore top shelf talent”

SEC bound to panic over Vandy’s Mannix

Nashville, TN– Vanderbilt has a number of strong commits in the class of 2017, but, one in particular, is sure to make SEC defenses panic once they see him in action.  McLane Mannix has a stop-n-go quickness that’s rarely seen in 3-star recruits. His ankle-breaking shiftiness is almost just as reminiscent of a point guard like Allen Iverson in his prime than your typical star running back/wide receiver.  Take a look at his Hudl highlights and you’ll know what I mean. Continue reading “SEC bound to panic over Vandy’s Mannix”

Hawgs win Chase for top RB commitment

Fayetteville, AK — Star running back, Chase Hayden is one of the most sought-after recruits in the country and when you’re as talented as he is you’re going to be visiting a lot of schools.  He met with programs from across the country and before he knew it the offers started pouring in from powerhouse programs like Tennessee, Florida and Michigan, but Chase decided to go another route – … Continue reading Hawgs win Chase for top RB commitment

Forecast calls for Purple Reign

Baton Rouge, LA — Following the dismissal of long-time head coach Les Miles on Sept. 26th there were some valid concerns that the timing of the decision could lead to a contagion of decommitments; however, the opposite seems to be happening.  Not only has LSU retained all their recruits, but they even convinced 4-star DE Bryan Jones to cancel his plans with Ole Miss and commit to the Tigers.  It would be … Continue reading Forecast calls for Purple Reign